MMK Atakaş A. Ş. puts up port in Turkey

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) keeps working on its prospective metallurgical production unit in the Republic of Turkey. Their Russian-Turkish joint venture, MMK Atakaş A. Ş. is about to complete the seaport on the company’s premises in Iskenderun, Turkey.

According to MMK’s PR Department, the port will soon be capable of servicing up to 80,000-ton vessels, while the length of the wharf will allow for unloading of up to six ships at a time. For the time being, the port can be used to deliver building materials and equipment to the construction site, and once the construction of the production unit has been completed, it will serve as the raw materials and goods shipment channel.

Apart from working on the seaport, the developers are also assembling the polymeric coating and hot-dip galvanizing units in Iskenderun. This machinery will probably be launched before the end of 2009.

MMK Atakaş A. Ş. actually provides for the construction of a steel-manufacturing and hot- and cold-rolled flat stock-processing facility in Iskenderun and a flat stock-processing center in Istanbul.

The two plants will be capable of producing 2.3 million tons of goods a year. The complex is expected to be launched in 2010.

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