Sverdlovsk Gubernskiy Bank looks at its success in eight months of 2006

The bank assessed the results of its activity throughout January to August 2006. Its balance sheet total went up by 70.5% and amounted to 9.29bn RUR on September 1, 2006 (compared to 5.45bn on January 1, 2006). The bank’s owned capital rose by 45.2% (or by 893.84m). The net wealth increased by 53.5% and amounted to 8.06bn RUR (5.25bn on January 1). The volume of the bank’s income-earning assets came to 6.11bn RUR, with the growth of 46.2%. The loan portfolio went up by 36% and came to 4.28bn RUR (3.15bn on January 1, 2006). The securities portfolio reached the point of 1.8bn RUR, which signifies a 40.7% increase since the beginning of the year. The customer database, covering settlement accounts, loro accounts, usable accounts, natural person accounts, legal entity accounts. And the bank’s treasury bills, went up by 51.6% and came to 6.99bn RUR. The investments of natural persons rose by 72.6% and amounted to 2.05bn (1.19bn on January 1, 2006).

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