Officers of justice to examine HydroSpetsStroy Ltd., reports their trustee in bankruptcy

‘HydroSpetsStroy Ltd. (the general contractor of Noviy Grad, the local builder) has so far refused to meet the demands of Sverdlovsk Region Court of Arbitration, that is, to produce the documents about the company’s financial and economic state. This is why the officers of justice are going to visit their premises and look into the matter,’ the company’s trustee in bankruptcy Olga Rushitskaya said to UrBC representative.

‘Within five months of external management, nothing whatsoever has changed about the situation in HydroSpetsStroy, since the builder never got in touch with me in any way,’ Ms Rushitskaya said.

‘Given the peculiarities of this case, I may conclude that, for some intrinsic reasons, HydroSpetsStroy Ltd. is trying to avoid disclosing the information on its solvency, or, rather, is deliberately trying to hide it,’ she noted.

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