SKB-Bank assesses its success in January-November 2006

SKB-Bank assessed the results of its activity as of December 1, 2006. Most figures have gone up, thus indicating the company’s growth.

The bank’s net wealth, for example, rose significantly and amounted to over 17.689bn RUR on December 1, 2006, with over 1bn RUR received in the last month.

SKB-Bank managed to attract 16.061bn RUR worth of investments, with over 1bn RUR received in the last month. The volume of investments placed by natural persons reached the point of over 5,710bn RUR.

The bank’s loan portfolio went up to 10.071bn RUR and proved to be well balanced and pose minimal risks.

All this shows that SKB-Bank is a dynamically developing crediting organization whose services are both reliable and profitable for the clients, reports the press officer for the bank.

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