Statisticians look at success of Russian industry in January 2007

Rosstat (the state statistics agency) looked at success of Russian industry in January 2007. The industrial output went up 8.4% and the manufacturing activity output by 17.3%.

The mining operations rose by 4.2% compared to one year earlier; production and distribution of electricity, gas, and water dropped by 10.5% as the demand for heat was relatively low due to warm weather.

The manufacturing industry output grew by 17.3%; this is a record figure, outstripped only by that for December 2003 when the growth rate came to 23.1%.

The increase in the manufacturing activity output (compared to a year earlier) was brought about by producers of plastic goods, beer, meat, building materials, and cars.

According to Vedomosti newspaper, meat production went up 23.9%. As for 2006, the production rates of meat and poultry kept increasing rapidly, but pork producers were faced with overproduction crisis and troublesome sales. The beer output outstripped that of January 2006 by 1.5 times, possibly due to warm weather.

Also, 25% more cars were made in January. The share of cars made from imported parts has doubled since 2004.

The artificial resin production output rose by 25%, that of plastic goods by 30.8%, that of cement by 49%, that of bricks by 34.1%, and that of reinforced concrete structures by 41.6%.

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