Regional post offices got over 5,000 migration notices in January-March 2007, reports Federal Post in Sverdlovsk Region

The regional post offices received more than 5,000 notices of arrival of a foreign citizen at the place of residence in January-March 2007. Yekaterinburg post office received 3,500 notices, the post office of Verkhnyaya Pyshma got about 500, and Pervouralsk post office got 120 notices, reports the spokesperson for the Federal Post in Sverdlovsk Region.

The project known as Migration Notices emerged two months ago following the federal legislation on migration records regarding foreign citizens and apatrides signed on July 18, 2006 and the Russian Federation Government Regulation as of January 15, 2007 regarding the fee the post offices should charge for accepting such notices.

The Federal Post says all foreign citizens arriving in Russia can send their notices using any post office in the country.

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