Sverdlovsk Region post offices get POS terminals for bank cards

Sverdlovsk Region post offices have been equipped with 101 point-of-sale terminals for bank cards, with another 325 terminals to be introduced by June 2007. Large post offices with scores of tellers will be provided with the respective number of POS terminals. 23 post offices will be involved in the new project altogether. Most of them are currently located in Yekaterinburg, reports the PR Group of the Federal Post in Sverdlovsk Region.

‘This year, our customers will be able not only to withdraw money but also to pay their bills and buy things using their VISA cards,’ says director of the Federal Post in Sverdlovsk Region Dmitriy Varchak.

‘These terminals will allow us to introduce more services such as booking and buying train and plane tickets and making hotel reservations,’ Mr. Varchak notes.

‘Another prospective service is transferring money into one’s account and full card service,’ he reports.

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