Koltsovo airport cannot service transit passengers in simplified mode

According to one of Ural Airlines’ employees, the company’s general director received a letter from Deputy GD of Koltsovo airport informing the former that the airport cannot service any transit passengers in the simplified mode. Koltsovo cancelled the system that skipped the in-between flights check-ins and baggage claims. A transit passenger now has to get off in the intermediary airport, get the luggage, check in, and get on the plane again. The airport says the reasons for this are the increased number of flights in the summer and lack of space.

The airline employee says this system is really inconvenient and time-consuming for the passengers.

‘The airport’s actions contradict the avia-hub concept that Koltsovo’s management has been promoting. What is more, these actions make one question the airport’s ability to function on everyday basis,’ he noted.

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