Housing prices in Yekaterinburg to go up

One square meter of a Yekaterinburg-based dwelling was available for 64,062 RUR on average on February 5, 2008. According to the Ural Chamber of Real Estate, this figure has remained the same for nearly four weeks, with only a slight decrease in the price of homes located downtown: the price went down by .2% and amounted to 80,150 RUR. As for the second best, third- and fourth-level residential areas, prices dropped by .3%-.4% and amounted to 67,123 RUR, 57,684 RUR, and 55,447 RUR per one square meter of dwelling, respectively.

Housing prices are not likely to rise dramatically at the beginning of 2008; nor are they likely to decrease significantly. The supply is going to stay rather stable, while the number of purchase and sale transactions will be rising gradually. In the second quarter of the year, though, prices could start going up again, Ural Chamber of Real Estate reports.

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