Yekaterinburg’s apartments cost 63,726 RUR per square meter

The average price of one square meter of Yekaterinburg-based housing came to 63,726 RUR on April 29, 2008, which is .4% less expensive than four weeks earlier.

Prices went up by 1% in the center of the city and came to 81,066 RUR per square meter, housing in the second most expensive areas grew .4% less expensive and now costs 66,595 RUR, housing in the third and fourth most expensive areas decreased by .2% and came to 57,792 RUR and 54,954 RUR, respectively. As for the fifth most expensive residential area of Yekaterinburg, prices dropped by 1.5% and now came to 49,055 RUR, the Ural Chamber of Real Estate’s analysts report.

All in all, the price fluctuations haven’t exceeded 2% since the beginning of the year, while the housing supply has remained stable enough despite the 1% decrease since January 2008.

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