Soyuz Capital Credit’s investors still can’t get dividends

The office of Souyz Capital Credit, the consumer cooperative, still cannot be reached over the phone, and the investors are still unable to get any information as to when they are going to get the dividends on their investments again.

Some of these investors report off the record that they have invested some money in the cooperative but were unable to get it back when the time came. The investors say their money could have been refused to them due to financial troubles that, in their, turn, had been caused by the recent arrest and temporary freeze of the company’s accounts.

Souyz Capital Credit’s Director Arael Aragon did admit that they had delayed the payments to their investors.

‘It’s true that we’ve had some hard time paying our investors; I don’t see it as something terrible, this can happen to any company. We are going to pay all the dividends soon,’ she added.

In the meantime, some law-enforcement officers are already conducting an investigation at the company’s office at 47 Michurin St in Yekaterinburg. The investigation was necessitated by the cooperative’s investors’ numerous complaints.

According to some investors who witnessed the officers’ arrival at the office, the company’s top executives left the premises shortly before the police came.

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