RENOVA StroyGroup to take part in 13th Russian Economic Forum

RENOVA StroyGroup is going to take part in the 13th Russian Economic Forum devoted to the country’s regions’ investment policies as the key factor of Russia’s sustainable economic development. The forum is to open in Yekaterinburg on May 16, 2008. RENOVA is planning to make a report on the second block of Yekaterinburg’s future Academic district. This is the builder’s first multi-faceted area development project. The construction of the first block began in October 2007 and covered 120,000 square meters worth of real estate, including 80,000 square meters worth of housing.

Academic is both Europe and Russia’s largest multi-faceted area development project ever, built with the ideas of striking a balance between the residential areas and the business quarters, achieving social harmony, creating effective transport links, and staying environmentally friendly in mind. All this provides for the emergence of totally new living quarters where the convenience and comfort are the builder’s top priorities.

The city’s future district is to be located in the south-west of Yekaterinburg, right between two 600-hectare amenity forests. The area will be interwoven with the so-called ‘green wedges’ of plants and trees, with a sixty-hectare park right in the heart of the district. In addition, there will be pedestrian walks and recreational areas along the banks of the River Patrushikha.

In addition to presenting the Academic construction project, RENOVA’s representatives are planning to take part in the round table discussion on Sverdlovsk Region’s investment image, seen as an important competitiveness factor. Academic Construction Project’s Deputy Manager Alexander Laptev is to make a report on the project and its relation to the top priority national program known as Affordable and Comfortable Housing to Russian Citizens.

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