MOTIV’s subscribers get voice mail free of charge

MOTIV offers its customers voice mail for free between August 18, 2008 and October 1, 2008: no subscription fee will be charged.

A voice mailbox is a kind of answering machine that allows one to leave (and listen to) voice messages up to sixty seconds long in cases the number is busy or the phone is out of the coverage area.

Starting October 2, 2008, the subscription fee for voice mail will come to 100 RUR.

‘This is the second time we have offered our customers free voice mail subscription this summer,’ MOTIV’s PR Director Elena Vinogradova said to UrBC.

‘The first round of free subscriptions resulted in a 133% increase in the number of voice mail users, which proved that this service is really popular with our subscribers. These data are further supported by phone calls from our customers who inquire about our special free voice mail offer. As a matter of fact, not all those who wanted to subscribe to the service were able to do so within June and July, as many people were simply away on vacation. We hope this service helps our customers to make sure not a single message gets lost and to be in the know of all the latest events even if they haven’t spoken to their interlocutors directly,’ Elena Vinogradova added.

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