Magnificent Seven deposit is high-tech product, URSA Bank says

‘The Magnificent Seven, our latest deposit offer, is a complex and hi-tech product. It took our experts, accountants, and IT specialists all their capacity and creative potential to develop the product. Combining the daily capitalization of interest, the topping up option, and the increase in the interest rate depending on the growing amount of money in the deposit account was no easy thing. Some of our employees have actually ended up with a bit of grey hair on their heads, but the bank managed to launch this deposit at the end of the day,’ says URSA Bank’s Ural branch’s Vice President Alexei Sannikov.

‘What mattered to us most was making the deposit as clear and easy for the customer as possible. All the technologies and know-hows we’ve employed don’t have to make things complicated for the customers, who only deal with the transparency and convenience of our deposit offer. The only thing they need to do is bring the money to the bank and be sure it will be safe and growing. We’ll take care of everything else,’ the bank executive explains.

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