URSA Bank’s new deposit has seven benefits, Alexei Sannikov says

‘Our new deposit type known as The Magnificent Seven is a combination of seven advantages bank deposits can offer. We’ve looked in several deposit types and came to the conclusion that all the differences lie in seven basic parameters that shape the customer’s choices in the end,’ says URSA Bank’s Ural branch’s Vice President Alexei Sannikov.

‘The first advantage lies in the nice interest rate. The second one consists in the fact that the interest rate on deposit increases automatically as more money is transferred into the deposit account. The third advantage lies in the possibility of withdrawing part of the money before the deposit period expires. Then, the minimum amount of money you need to deposit comes to a very affordable sum. Next, you can top up your account any time you want; besides, the capitalization of the interest is done on a daily basis. Finally, the deposit gets prolonged automatically,’ Alexei Sannikov notes.

‘We’ve united all the seven advantages of a bank deposit in one product and came up with an offer that is unique to the market. Our customers can both withdraw their money and top up their accounts as well as retain the determined interest rate, which matters a lot,’ he observes.

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