Bank Monetniy Dom offers extra interest

Bank Monetniy Dom has recently come up with a special offer for its customers, popularly dubbed ‘Plus 1% Interest Guarantee. Under the terms of the offer, every customer who opens an Interest Guarantee deposit type at the bank on March 4-10, 2009 will be offered a one percent increase in the annual interest rate offered on this deposit type.

‘Our Interest Guarantee scheme provides for the so-called gradual interest rate that depends on the amount of time the money has been in the bank’s account. There is no topping up option, whereas the interest gets capitalized every thirty or sixty-one days (with deposits valid for 180 and 366 days, respectively). The maximum interest one can hope for using this deposit scheme comes to 16% a year. This is a ruble deposit type, with the minimum amount of money one has to deposit set at 10,000 RUR,’ the bank reports.

Bank Monetniy Dom’s analysts explain the deposit types with greater than usual interest rates are ever-popular with the customers despite the special offer’s limited period.

One could take the advantage of this special offer at any of the bank’s offices (except for the bank’s 6601 subsidiary in Yekaterinburg). For more information, call +7(343) 247-44-44.

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