URSA Bank comes up with new deposit offers

URSA Bank came up with two new deposit offers: New Year Hit deposit scheme and New Year Present one. The latter is valid for 92 days, with the interest rate coming to 12% a year. The minimum amount of money you have to deposit is 30,000 RUR, and you can always top your deposit up. The interest is capitalized at the end of the deposit period. The deposit is mainly meant for the bank’s first-time customers.

In addition, if you place at least 100,000 RUR with the bank, you are given a Visa Electron and/or a Visa Classic that you may use to get your interest.

The New Year Hit deposit is valid for up to 180 days; the minimum amount of money you have to deposit is 20,000 RUR. The interest varies from 5.5% to 15% a year.

'URSA Bank is trying to improve on its deposit offers; the major aim behind all this is to make the deposits as attractive for the bank’s customers as possible. The new deposits are targeted at 28 to 60 year-olds from the middle class,’ URSA Bank’s Managing Director Dmitriy Akimkin says.

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