URSA Bank raises interest rates on ruble deposits

URSA Bank raised the interest rates offered on ruble deposits for private individuals by .5% to1% (depending on the amount of money in the deposit and the deposit period) on April 27, 2009. The changes involve three deposit types: the maximum annual interest one can get on Pension Bonus, Guaranteed Income, and Second Salary deposit types now comes to 15.8%, 16%, and 15.75%, respectively, the bank’s press officer reports.

‘The bank has always paid close attention to our customers’ needs and so launched the floating rates principle that allows us to adapt quickly to the market changes. Over twenty different interest rates that we offer make the bank’s deposits more attractive than ever,’ says URSA Bank’s Vice President Dmitriy Akimkin.

According to the bank’s press officer, URSA Bank is currently offering its clients six deposit types to choose from, with the average interest rate coming to 14% (for a six-month period) and 14.75% (for a twelve-month period). The shortest deposit period comes to one month.

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