URSA Bank raises interest rates on deposits

URSA Bank has recently introduced the new interest rates on legal entities’ ruble deposits. The rates were increased by 3.5% on average. The bank’s Universal deposit, for instance, provides for 12.5% a year if you deposit your money for half a year, for 13.5% a year for a twelve-month period, and for 15% a year if you place your money with the bank for more than a year.

All in all, URSA Bank’s deposit periods range from three days to several years. A business customer is required to deposit at least 500,000 RUR or the equivalent sum in foreign currency.

‘We understand how important it is for businesses to make additional income at the moment The resources are becoming increasingly more expensive, so we are trying to meet our customers’ demands by raising the interest rates on ruble deposits. We aim for the long-term bank-business relationship, so the interest rates went up most impressively on our medium- to long-term deposits (with the deposit period coming to at least six months),’ says URSA Bank’s Vice President Pavel Galan.

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