A-class business centers don’t enjoy great demand in Yekaterinburg, BC-Nedvizhimost says

‘The A-class business centers are not enjoying any great demand in Yekaterinburg at the moment. This is mainly due to the high prices, as most people prefer to rent B-class offices: they have enough quality yet are less expensive, ‘BC-Nedvizhimost’s expert Darya Peranskaya said to an UrBC reporter.

There are currently three A-class business centers in Yekaterinburg; these are World Trade Center Yekaterinburg, Senate, and Palladium. A few other centers will probably be introduced in the near future, centers like Forum Mall (put up by Forum Group), Yekaterinburg-City and Ural Guards (Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company’s projects), Asia (put up by Atomstroycomplex), and President business center (put up by RED Group).

‘As far as C-class business centers are concerned, the demand by far outstrips the supply. Yekaterinburg would be much better off if builders concentrated on B-class offices rather than A-ones. Anyway, the only business center that does meet the A-class requirements is the World Trade Center in Kuibyshev St.,’ Peranskaya noted.

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