Renova-StroyGroup launches new construction stage in Academic

Renova-StroyGroup is currently coordinating a tender aimed at finding a general contractor for the construction of blocks 2.1 and 2.1.1 of Yekaterinburg’s future Academic district. This will include putting up apartment building ranging in height from seven to sixteen floors (with all the communications provided) and setting up the entire infrastructure like pedestrian walks, pavements, squares, parking lots, parks and flower beds, street lights, and so on.

The construction process is to begin in December 2008 after the tender has been completed.

‘Our long-term economic strategy and the project’s uniqueness enable us to go on with this multi-faceted area development project even when most other developers have to consider closing theirs down. The start of the new construction stage in Yekaterinburg’s eighth district is a proof of this,’ the spokesperson for Renova-StroyGroup said to an UrBC reporter.

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