Customers take interest in Mill 5000

Experts from Prometei Scientific Research Institute, representatives of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK), and executives from various shipbuilding enterprises met in Saint Petersburg to consider the possibility of manufacturing ship-suitable kinds of steel at MMK’s future Mill 5000, discuss the industry’s potential, and look into the areas of possible cooperation.

According to MMK’s PR Department, the shipbuilding enterprises took great interest in obtaining Mill 5000 produce, as it would meet both the existing demands and the prospective ones.

MMK expects to launch its plate mill 5000 in July 2009. The new facility is meant for manufacturing goods for the pipe industry and for ship-, bridge-, and machine-building. In mid-June, Prometei and MMK agreed to do some scientific research and technological jobs together, which is supposed to provide the enterprise with the technologies needed to produce regular and highly durable steel and plate iron using the mill. The goods will be delivered to the shipbuilding companies and those dealing in pipeline and shelf construction.

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