Eldorado has no definite plans for Sverdlovsk Region

‘This year, our chain store is planning to improve the interior and design of our outlets and to open some new shops that will meet the unified corporate standards. Sverdlovsk Region is one of our top priority development locations,’ Eldorado electronic goods store’s PR Director Sergey Pavlov informed UrBC.

However, the executive was unable to speak of any specific projects or the number of stores to be set up in the area.

‘Our company is now considering all the available options and negotiating with the shopping area owners. Eldorado’s new outlets have to meet our standards, that is, the area of 2,000 to 2,500 sq m, convenient location, and clever design,’ Pavlov said.

Now the company has actually been closing down some of its Yekaterinburg-based stores lately. For one, two electronic goods stores that used to work in Antey Business Center and in Kosmonavtov Ave. recently stopped operating. The outlet located in Sverdlov St. was closed down even earlier.

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