UralTransBank is under investigation, says Sverdlovsk Region Department of Internal Affairs

The Economic Crimes Division of Sverdlovsk Region Department of Internal Affairs sent a group of officers to UralTransBank’s headquarters today. According to the Department’s press officer Valeriy Gorelikh, the bank is now under investigation related to criminal suits involving some clients of UralTransBank.

‘The investigative action is connected with the accusations of large-scale tax evasion and avoiding insurance payments to state non-budgetary funds,’ Mr. Gorelikh noted. The actions of the law-enforcement officers have been approved of by the regional public prosecution authorities.

Mr. Gorelikh did not disclose information on the amount of criminal cases and the number of the accused for reasons of confidentiality.

The premises of the bank were examined, with some papers withdrawn by the police, last February. Then, the criminal lawsuit involved Valeriy Zavodov, the bank’s chairman. He was accused of giving bribes.

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