Investigative actions involving UralTransBank bring first results, reports Valeriy Gorelikh of Sverdlovsk Region Department of Internal Affairs

‘No information related to investigative actions involving UralTransBank can be made public yet, but we do have some results,’ says Valeriy Gorelikh, the press officer of Sverdlovsk Region Department of Internal Affairs.

Mr. Gorelikh noted that the public wouldn’t get access to any data regarding the investigation for a while, and it was unclear as of yet when the officers were going to produce a report on the actual results of the inquiry.

The Economic Crimes Division of Sverdlovsk Region Department of Internal Affairs sent a group of officers to UralTransBank’s headquarters last Thursday. The bank is now under investigation related to criminal suits involving some clients of UralTransBank. The investigative action is connected with the accusations of large-scale tax evasion and avoiding insurance payments to state non-budgetary funds.

The event received an emotional reaction from the financial community, so the bank published an online report saying the investigation had to do with criminal proceedings related to the management of Ferromet, a joint stock company, whereas Ferromet’s GD Olga Nikulina denies being UralTransBank’s client at all.

The premises of the bank were examined, with some papers withdrawn by the police, last February. Then, the criminal lawsuit involved Valeriy Zavodov, the bank’s chairman. He was accused of giving bribes.

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