Koltsovo airport to practice new safety routines for one month

The new regulations regarding the safety check and search of passengers prior to and after the flight came into force on August 27, 2007; the corresponding decree No. 104 was adopted by the Ministry of Transport on July 25, 2007, the spokesperson for Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg reports.

The new rules provide for much stricter ways of checking the passengers’ luggage, cabin luggage, and their personal search in order to ensure greater safety aboard a plane. People traveling via Koltsovo airport can get acquainted with the list of prohibited items and substances using the airport’s website; these lists are also available at the check-in entrances. According to the new regulations, a passenger must have all the liquids (no more than 100 ml) wrapped in transparent packaging. The airport has already acquired such packages and is going to provide all the passengers with them free of charge.

All the liquids whose volume exceeds 100 ml (mineral water, perfumes, hair spray, etc) would be best off if put with the rest of the luggage.

Koltsovo airport’s Aviation Safety Director Mikhail Alekseev says they will keep practicing the new safety routines for about a month, which is believed to give passengers enough time to get used to the new rules as well as to give the security officers enough opportunity to master the procedures.

As for the duty free items, these have to be wrapped in a transparent package and sealed right at the counter, whereupon they can be brought on board.

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