Gubernskiy raises interest rates on foreign currency deposits

Gubernskiy Bank has recently updated the terms of its Gubernskiy Express deposit.

‘The bank’s most popular deposit type is now even more profitable for customers. The interest rate for U.S. dollar and euro deposits is now determined at 12% a year,’ Gubernskiy’s press officer reports.

Gubernskiy Bank raised the interest rate on the ruble deposits as well: the rate offered on Gubernskiy Express deposit type and on Retirement Savings one now comes to up to 16.1% a year.

‘A lot of people prefer to keep their savings in foreign currency at the moment, and we respect their choice. To make sure these customers can both keep their savings and make their money yield more income, we decided that raising interest rates on U.S. dollar and euro deposits would be a good idea. 12% a year is a very good deal,’ says Gubernskiy Bank’s First Deputy Chairman Konstantin Lazarev.

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