SUBR accused of illegal waste dumping

Severouralsk public prosecution authorities instituted administrative proceedings involving Sevuralboksitruda (UC RUSAL’s bauxite mine, aka SUBR); the charges are based on Articles 8.14 (part 1), 7.3, and 14.1 (part 2) of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code, namely, violation of water code, unlicensed use of subsoil resources, and unlicensed entrepreneurial activity, the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities reports.

The authorities’ investigation of the enterprise’s compliance with the water protection regulations detected some grave violations of the rules. For one, Sevuralboksitruda is believed to be dumping drain and mine water in the Rivers Saraynaya, Vagran, Kedrovaya, and Kalya without a proper permission, as their earlier license expired as early as December 2006.

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