Ural Airlines signs interline agreement with Air China

Ural Airlines signed an interline agreement with Air China; this will come into full force on August 4, 2009. This means Ural Airlines’ passengers will have an opportunity to enjoy flights with fewer stops and connections. The use of Beijing Capital Airport will be particularly handy for people traveling to countries like Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and plenty of Chinese cities.

The new agreement also provides the travelers with the convenience of having their luggage checked in just once, in Yekaterinburg, after which they won’t have to worry about re-checking their bags in anywhere else on the way. What is more, Beijing Capital Airport offers a comfortable transit hall to all the connecting flights passengers.

This interline agreement with China’s national carrier was a logical continuation of our strengthening ties and growing partnerships with the Chinese airlines. For one, Ural Airlines signed an interline agreement with Southern China Airlines as recently as July 1, 2009. This gave the Ural dwellers a chance to fly to Sanyo, Dubai, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Seoul through Beijing,’ the carrier’s press officer says.

All the details as to ticket-booking and the new destinations are available from the Passenger Support Service: 8 800 2000 262.

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