Ural Airlines signs agreement with Emirates

Emirates, the United Arab Emirates’ international airline signed an electronic interline agreement with Ural Airlines, one of Russia’s major carriers. The agreement means that the passengers from the Urals and Volga Regions can now buy a single e-ticket for both companies’ connecting flights and travel from Yekaterinburg or Samara to Dubai and over 100 other destinations offered by Emirates.

What is more, this interline agreement provides for the bargain prices on Emirates and Ural Airlines’ flights. The two carriers have been cooperating since 2002, and now the latter operates one Samara-Dubai flight and two Yekaterinburg-Dubai flights every week.

‘The Urals are quite important to Emirates in terms of sales expansion, so an interline agreement with Ural Airlines is a significant step onto the Russian market. I’d like to stress that this is the first electronic interline agreement we have signed with a carrier that uses Sirena-2000, the Russian inventory system. I’m positive the agreement will open up many new opportunities to our customers and will allow them to travel comfortably around the world,’ says Emirates Director for Russia and the CIS Egor Plakhov.

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