Water code violations detected at power station

Sverdlovsk Region division of Rospotrebnadzor (the state technological, nuclear, and environmental safety watchdog) carried out a number of scheduled inspections of Ural Chemical Agents Plant based in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Eight violations of the law were detected in the course of the inspection, so the inspecting officials issued seven orders, drew up administrative offense protocols, and imposed several administrative fines on the offender, the spokesperson for Ural Federal District’s division of Rospotrebnadzor reports.

In addition to this, five violations were revealed at Irgina health resort; the officials issued two orders and made one executive face administrative liability. Three violations were revealed and three orders were issued at Kosulinskiy Abrasive Plant; eighteen violations were detected and eighteen orders were issued at SMT-4 Pudlingoviy macadam plant based in Krasnoufimskiy district. The orders for the macadam plant were followed by administrative offense protocols.

Rospotrebnadzor inspectors also organized an unscheduled examination of Sredneuralskaya state district power plant (one of Enel OGK-5 subsidiaries) after a request to this extent had been placed by Sverdlovsk Region environmental prosecution authorities. Some violations of the water use code were revealed at the power plant, with papers sent to Sverdlovsk Region environmental prosecution authorities that will act upon the findings.

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